The Most Inspiring and Real-Life Weight Loss Success Story The Most Inspiring and Real-Life Weight Loss Success Story
I am slimmer, I am smarter and I am happier and here is my weight loss success story! Most of us go on a... The Most Inspiring and Real-Life Weight Loss Success Story

I am slimmer, I am smarter and I am happier and here is my weight loss success story! Most of us go on a strict diet in hopes of becoming slimmer. These foods have lesser calories, more fiber content and are good to the body. However, if they are the backbone of my food supply, you will gain weight instantly after you end the diet. And we all know no one can go on dieting forever.

1. Treat the psyche:

My weight loss success story begins with the psychological aspect of helping reduce weight. It’s important to let go of things. Moreover, I found time for myself. Go for refreshment that will pacify you, I chose a hobby that calmed my nerves and a relaxation routine that made life easier. Yoga helped me to pacify my tensed body and my happy dance class where I could let myself go free and wild. (Well, not too wild).

2. Calories are criminals:

If you want to be healthy and simultaneously maintain a slim figure, you need to control the calorie intake. Comparable are the predecessors of burning off body fat. I reduced pasta and white bread from my diet and added a large dose of vegetables and fruits. Nonetheless, whole wheat grains were good to my body as well. Flax seeds are very operative in helping the digestive system, so they were a must on my food list. I kept eating at regular intervals; didn’t eat two-three large meals. As an alternative, I went for smaller meals from time to time. And I never forgot the prominence of morning breakfast.

3. No sugar please:

This may be a tough job for people who live on sweets. My weight loss success story has an explanation again. I used artificial sweeteners instead of real sugar. The taste remained just as good, but the calories are extremely less. This doesn’t only apply to food, but can work in baking and drinks as well. Honey is a delightful substitute; hale and hearty and delicious.

4. Too much salt:

You probably have too much salt in your food, just like I did. More the sodium in your body, the more you long for drinks. And there you have it; large ingestion of sugary beverages. The answer to all my questions lay in a simple statement: You can do anything if you have the willpower to do it. I reduced salt in all the food I made, as well as the sugar in my drinking practices.

5. The drink of life:

Water is an obligation. It helped my body in losing all the destructive toxins that depressed my metabolism to its indolent state. Not to mention, it kept my body hydrated. We frequently link fat deposition to food consumption. Drinks are as many criminals as is food. Sodas and soft drinks are typically carbonated and have more than 150-300 calories per dose. If you think you’re cheating fat by taking more beverages like sodas? You’re mistaken, and the jokes on you once more. This weight loss success story just gets better!

6. Work it out:

I hate the gym. But that’s the finest place that assisted me to lose that tummy plumpness. If you’re reimbursing for the gym, let it pay you back by getting free from that fat. I made sure I talked to my fitness instructor because tummy toning is not done by crunches or dumbbells but by supplementary exercise schedules. Some of those exercises include running, jogging and knee ups. They helped to keep my tummy in character and made my limbs stouter. Took a shot at squats as well and it toned my thighs pleasantly.

Your body is a gift to you. It deserves time and exertion. Go out there and show off that gorgeous body to the world, but I hope that you take inspiration from my weight loss success story because I was a hefty 80kg who is now down to a beautiful and healthy 55kg in no time!


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